At LT Pool & Spa Services we offer a variety of services for our client. Some of these include: Chemical Stabilization, Pool Vacuuming (with Hammerhead), Pool brushing, Green-To-Blue Pool Restoration, Acid Wash, Deep Wash, Phosphate Treatment, Pressure Cleaning for Pool Deck/Surroundings, Pool Drainage, Sand Removal, Cartridge Replacement, and much more!

Chemical Stabilization

Chemical Stabilization is important because it prevents damage to the pool, or poor sanitation from chemical levels that are too high or too low.

Pool chemical levels can be crucial to the health of swimmers, as well as the health of the pool. 

Cartridge Replacement


A filter in good conditions is the gateway to clean and sparkling water. It ensures proper circulation and prevents debris from building up in your pool.



A regular brushing prevents algae, removes dirt particles and continuously smoothest the pool surface to ensure a long-lasting finish.



It is a process that includes decreasing your pH level, shocking your pool with chlorine, and cleaning up the water by removing dead algae residue. 


Pool vaccuming is esential to remove particles and leaves from the bottom of the pool.

Acid Wash/Deep Wash


A procedure done on a plaster or pebble tec pool to remove a very thin layer of the surface in order to remove calcium deposits and stubborn stains.

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